In 2011 Del and Andrea Fisher left Melbourne with guitars in hand and headed into the unknown.
Arrival in Denmark, Western Australia, marked the birth of The Outback Gypsies and the beginnings of their musical collaboration.  Spiritual expansion and personal evolution has become the muse for this inspiring pair, producing three albums to date and providing momentum to travel oversea and interstate.
Touring the USA West Coast in 2013 and 2014, these gypsies share their music and spiritual philosophy with open-hearts leaving listeners feeling uplifted and affected by their transformative energy. 


A treat for the ears and eyes, a nurturing for the soul and an uplifting for the heart is what you will experience at a night out with The Outback Gypsies.
Del & Andrea's songs are beautiful, heart-centred, uplifting, and transformative. ”

Ann Gelsheimer

A Collection of Intimate and Laid Back Tunes...
this Album features the successful husband and wife combination of Upbeat Sounds interwoven with Emotional Depth.
The Outback Gypsies Debut Album
featuring a Collection of Emotional, Heart-Centered Ballads.
We Create Music to Open the Hearts of our Listeners and Activate Deeper Self-Love."

The Outback Gypsies’ unique appeal lies not only in their highly credible song writing and musical ability but also in the chemistry of this talented couple. The love they share combined with their passion for the music they naturally exude reaches out to connect with every member of the audience.

The result is a spellbinding orb of colour and light, healing sounds through beautifully blended harmonies, storytelling and laughter, gentle reflection, invigorating rhythms and joyful movement.  Add to this eclectic mix a genuine care and respect for their audience’s sense of musical appreciation and you have a very magical performance indeed.
Review by Athene Thompson
"Our Soul-Mission is to bring joy and inspiration to our listeners via our music and love for each other. 
We are honoured and blessed to be part of the current universal shift."
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