A Bridger of Worlds
Andrea Offers Intuitive Astrology and Spiritual Guidance via Consultation

To Personally Connect, Discuss and/or Book Your Consultation
Andrea has always had a deep connection to Source, the cosmos and Mother Earth.  As a child she spent significant amounts of time alone in nature, communing with plants, animals and trees.  At thirteen her curiosity for other-worldly mysteries found her delving into Astrological books and spending time star-gazing into the night skies.  

In 2000 Andrea undertook her formal studies in Astrology, graduating in 2002 as the first student within the course to achieve summa cum laude recognition.  In 2004 she was initiated into shamanism and given her spirit name 'Star Who Stands Upon the Earth', uncovering her role as bridger between the Earth and Stars. 

In 2009 she traveled to Slovenia and trained in Cellular Healing and continued to work in Europe as a Shamanic Spiritual Mid-Wife.  Returning to Australia, Andrea continued this work incorporating astrology and facilitating transformational groups and workshops. 

Andrea currently resides in Demark, Western Australia and spends her time working as an intuitive mentor, writer and radio host, as well as traveling and performing internationally with music partner and husband Dell.
Andrea Lee Fisher ~ Valley of Giants, Walpole 2016

Photography by Hazel Blake
Hazel Blake Fine Art


Astrological Birth Chart Consultation
An Astrological Birth Chart reveals keys to your highest potential and identifies the planetary blueprint you have chosen to refine and master this lifetime, including past life patterns and the gifts, as well as challenges. 

The approach I take during a session is both objective, organic and intuitive.  We discuss current issues and circumstances that impact your happiness and ability to embody your potential.  We also formulate a plan to support forward movement, which may include strategies to dissolve emotional obstacles making way for joy, satisfaction and balance.

Benefits You Will Enjoy...

  • Clarity
  • Momentum
  • Inner Radiance
  • Personal Empowerment 
  • Validation
  • Affirmation
  • Emotional Support
  • Encouragement
  • Self-Worth & Acceptance
  • Dissolving of Fear
  • Clear Self-Sabotaging Behaviours
  • Self-Trust and Respect
  • Personal Truth and Illumination
  • Clear Identification of Values
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Courage
  • Trust
  • Inspiration
  • Creative Freedom
  • Clearer Higher Purpose
  • Increased Happiness and Focus
  • Richer Relationships
  • Emotional and Physical Well-being
This is a practical, intuitive consultation directed toward Self-Empowerment.
Get ready to shift your perceptions and consciousness and re-align with clarity, strength and inspiration! 

Session price includes pre-appointment preparation, one-on-one consultation and printed Birth Chart.

75 Minute Session
(Skype or In-Person)

AUD $130~

Payment Via Paypal