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Each Meditation is designed to work with a specific emotional theme, incorporating a Cellular Healing Method to release unexpressed feelings and unconscious patterns blocking your physical, emotional and etheric energy fields.  They are gentle yet extremely powerful in assisting your healing process, delivering release, clarity and greater awareness to begin creating a supportive, healthy and thriving life. 
Moving From Fear to Personal Power
Everyone feels fear during their lives and however broad personal experiences may seem, essentially our fears manifest to help us grow and expand as human beings, raising our awareness of the need to release control and trust... 
  • Transforms limitation and inability to fully self-express
  • Dissolves control issues and illusionary beliefs that negate happiness
  • Creates cellular renewal to promote a natural state of trust
  • Shifts outmoded paradigms of constriction, contraction and self-critical perception
  • Dismantles collective hypnosis and fear-based programs
  • Total Meditation Length:  13:17 minutes


Designed to lift old imprints from the energetic body so they no longer act-out in unconscious and limiting ways, this meditation includes a gentle method of Circular Breathing, Cellular Healing and an easy Self-Healing Pressure Point Technique.  When we allow ourselves to be still, breathe and open to release, our body naturally begins to detox and heal itself, returning natural balance. 
Benefits & Highlights:
  • Circular Breathing Technique
  • Brain Oxygenation
  • Pressure Point Method to Stimulate Saliva Production
  • Gentle Emotional Release to Promote Cellular Renewal
  • Alignment of Physical and Emotional Light Bodies
  • Encourages Opening of Third (Inner) Eye
  • Total Meditation Length:  12:12 minutes
Sound Activation ~ 'River'
  • Aligns Your Connection with Earth and Water Elements
  • Activates Your Sacred Wisdom
  • Brings Emotional Cleansing
  • Elevates Personal Awareness
  • Impacts Transformation of Collective Consciousness


As we consciously participate in our Awakening, we find ourselves facing the task of mastering Self Love ~ a transformative journey in the artful lessons of self-acceptance, forgiveness and empathy.  Everything comes back to LOVE and when we learn to deeply and unconditionally love ourselves, our ability to share this extends to those closest as well as our universal family and planet.
  • Transmutes feelings of expectation, perfectionism, emotional pressure and tension
  • Supports self love, acceptance, compassion and self-care
  • Promotes loving awareness, mindfulness and clarity
  • Activates intuition and divine spiritual connection
  • Loving, Relaxing and Calming
  • Total Meditation Length:  21:32 minutes
Music Activations:
  • 'The Light' ~ Supports the Awakening and Reconnecting of Your Original Light Code and Sacred Alchemical Power.
  • 'Beautiful Wanderer' ~ As Spiritual Wanderer's Our Divine Mission is to bring Higher Truth and Unconditional Love into the World. 

Pluto in Capricorn ~ 'Slaying of Dragons'
2008 ~ 2024
Over a sixteen year period beginning 2008 and ending 2024, Pluto's transit of Capricorn will facilitate deep emotional restructure of our unconscious inner-world as well as those external societal rules and structures keeping us in a place of repression.  For too long ancestral hypnosis and collective mindset have unconsciously operated within the psyche, impacting our relationships, self-esteem and ability to express our creative aspirations.  It is now time to break the cycle and free ourselves from the debilitating effects of illusion.
  • Clears deep-rooted karmic patterns inherited from the collective unconscious
  • Dissolves emotional wounding around fear, grief, personal safety, self-acceptance, self-love, abandonment and control issues
  • Supports emotional stability and clarity
  • Total Meditation Length:  15:07 minutes
Sound Activation ~ 'Divine Evolution'
  • An entry point for the exploration of our place within the Universe as Light Beings.
  •  Raises your vibration to promote realignment with our Multi-Dimensional Self.
Are you ready to begin your inner transformation and make space to feel what it would be like to break-free from unconscious beliefs holding you back?  Would you like to explore what your Divine~Self wants to create?
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